Recently released on the market, Bona 850T is a product produced for the purpose of deep cleaning hardwood floors.

This new product has been created to offer homeowners a way to deeply clean their floors without having to hire an expensive professional.

Without the need to use a machine, Bona 850T can be used by the individual to achieve a professional-level of cleanliness.

What is Bona 850T and how to use it

One of the things we love and biggest benefits of Bona 850T is its powerful technology. The product contains a combination of compounds that create an extra-strong cleaning action on tough and greasy dirt.

Bona R850T

By using alkaline and hydrogen peroxide, Bona 850T is able to make floors sparkle without needing too much effort. Not only does it easily remove stubborn dirt, but it also polishes the floor with a protective layer that resists dirt build-up. As such, Bona 850T is both a cleaner and a finisher for hardwood floors.

Using this product is easy enough for the novice. All you have to do is mix one-part Bona 850T with three parts water in a sprayer. After spraying the solution on the floor, wait for a minute before agitating the floor with a good mop and then buffing the floor with a dry mop. This will help to remove any excess solution while bringing out the shine in the floor.

With a few of these simple steps, homeowners can achieve a complete and professional-looking job. Overall, Bona 850T is an exceptional product that enables individuals to quickly and easily achieve a professional-level of cleanliness to their hardwood floors.

With powerful technology, ease of use, and the ability to both clean and finish the flooring, it is highly recommended for anyone looking to deep clean their hardwood floors.

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