The largest professional floor sander hire company in England

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Specialising in just professional dust free endless belt floor sanders.

In the 10 years we have been hiring professional floor sanders to the public, a few other companies have tried to do what we do, and many others claim to have the same philosophy, and quality as us, but nobody has been able to duplicate what we do. Why is this so?

These younger companies are always going to be playing catch-up, as we have a great head start – but we don’t take that for granted. We keep moving, keep innovating, and keep raising the bar, setting standards in our products and quality service.

Reasons to choose™ for your sander equipment hire:

  • Real quality advice and support throughout your hire if needed
  • We are not just a sander hire company, we come from a floor Sanding background.
  • Over 100 Sanders for Next Day Deliveries.
  • We use the best quality sander equipment on the market.

Official Bona Agents

The Guild of Master Craftsmen

The Guild of Master Craftsmen