Wood is unpredictable and mistakes can happen, so knowing how to use wood filler effectively is important for achieving the best finish on your wood projects.

wood filler how to useHow to use a wood filler

The first step is to mix the wood filler using a putty knife until you achieve a consistent and smooth texture.

Apply the filler onto the required area, making sure to scrape off excess carefully.

Smooth it over with your fingers and be sure to wipe away any excess with a dry clean cloth.

Wait for 30 minutes to an hour beforehand sanding the filler down with high grit sandpaper, following the direction of the wood grain. Finally, stain or add a protective layer to your wood for a seamless transition from filler to wood.

With these tips, you can effectively and efficiently use wood filler to achieve a professional finish on your woodworking projects.

Bona Gap Master

We recommend Bona Gap Master

The Bona gap master is a floor gap measure tool specifically designed to measure the gaps between a baseboard, quarter round, and trim. This tool is incredibly useful for anyone that installs hardwood floors, tile, or laminate.

It is far easier and more accurate than using a tape measure or your fingers to estimate the gap size. Using the Bona gap master is simple. Start by placing the Bona gap between the trim, baseboard, or quarter round and the flooring.

Press down firmly while sliding the tool across the seam.

The Bona gap master will display the size of the gap on the built-in digital read-out as it moves along the length of the gap.

Once you get a reading you can then adjust the gap accordingly. The Bona gap master is highly accurate and can detect gaps ranging from 0 to 1/4-inch.

The Bona gap master can be used in a variety of installations, all while ensuring that your flooring is correctly, and accurately, installed.

It is an inexpensive alternative to other gap-measuring tools and comes with an easy-to-read digital display.

If you are an installer who needs to measure gaps for hardwood floors, tile, or laminate, investing in the Bona gap master is a wise decision.

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