Trio Sander Dust free technology


hire-trio-sanderTrio Sander
Dust free technology
Recommended use: Floorboards, Patterned Floors

The Trio Floor Sander is the ultimate floor finishing sander.

It is ideal for parquet. It is a real pleasure to use. Achieve absolutely perfect results with hardly any effort. The Trio can be used in any direction, as it does not need to follow the grain direction. It has internal disposable bags that collects the sawdust. The Trio sander is the first floor sander that has integrated sensor-monitored dust suction and dust-free disposal. It also has the CE sign – to the benefit of our environment and your health.

The Trio should be used in conjunction with an edger, detail sander or scraper as it stops four inches from skirting board

If the floor is very uneven a belt sander can be used first to get the floor flat.

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How A Customer Used The Trio Sander In Her Beautiful Bathroom

Our customer has a bathroom with hardwood parquet and floor tiles, which is a unique bathroom design. Because the parquet is frequently in contact with water, it can quickly deteriorate. 

She has chosen to embellish it while preventing deterioration with the Trio Sander. After being sanded, the parquet wood regained its nobility, which complemented the furnishings.

The choice of adding a parquet in her bathroom was to create an elegant, authentic, and soothing atmosphere. This is a particularly good choice because parquet flooring is still a must-have in interior design. 

Because the Trio floor sander is the ideal floor finishing machine, the finishing of the bathroom’s parquet floor parts of our customer’s bathroom was flawless.

Trio Sander Dust free technology bathroom pattern floor