Bona DCS 70

Bona DCS 70Bona DCS 70

A portable system with a patented two-step cyclonic separation and unique filter. Dust is contained within an easy to change bag which prevents the escape of dust into the working environment. Longo Dust Bags and Filters (Coarse and HEPA) are also available in this sander.


Bona DCS 70 floor sander hire London

How a Customer Used the Bona DCS 70 to Polish the Floor of Their Office Meeting Room

One of our clients used the Bona DCS 70 to keep the floor in their office meeting room clean. With almost daily meetings, the floor quickly deteriorates and needs frequent maintenance. This sander was chosen specifically because it stores dust in a simple-to-change bag, preventing dust from escaping into the working environment. And this is important in the workplace so that workers are not disturbed by dust while maintenance is being performed.

Our customer chose parquet for his meeting room because of its longevity, natural and authentic appearance, ease of maintenance, resistance to wear and tear, aesthetic qualities, and, most importantly, insulating and acoustic properties.

The floor had a shiny sheen after the Bona DCS 70 that made you want to come back to this room just for the floor. Not only is the floor interesting in this room, but so is the design on it. Despite the large size of the room, the client chose to use only the bare necessities to keep the design simple. And it’s a perfect match with a gleaming floor.

Bona DCS 70