Bona Buffer Small


The Buffing Machine 

The Buffing Machine is specially designed to remove minor blemishes that can spoil an otherwise flawless floor.

With the aid of this great piece of technology you can apply fast and efficient, instant restoration

It is highly recommended if you wish to smooth away the grain that may rise between each coat of lacquer to make them look as good as new

And, it is excellent if you want to apply a stain as it removes any imperfections.

This is where the buffing machine comes in good use. By smoothing away all of these minor blemishes, it ensures that your floor is as pristine as you desire it to be.

It’s, also, an absolute necessity if you wish to oil a floor.

Failure to buff soon after oiling a floor can lead to gell like pockets appearing on parts of the floor which would make the floor look constantly uneven

The buffing machine may also be suited to light sanding duties