Bona Buffer Small


Bona Buffer SmallBona Buffer Small

The Buffing Machine 

The Buffing Machine is specially designed to remove minor blemishes that can spoil an otherwise flawless floor.

With the aid of this great piece of technology you can apply fast and efficient, instant restoration

It is highly recommended if you wish to smooth away the grain that may rise between each coat of lacquer to make them look as good as new.

And, the bona buffer small is excellent if you want to apply a stain as it removes any imperfections.

This is where the buffing machine comes in good use. By smoothing away all of these minor blemishes, it ensures that your floor is as pristine as you desire it to be.

It’s, also, an absolute necessity if you wish to oil a floor.

Failure to buff soon after oiling a floor can lead to gell like pockets appearing on parts of the floor which would make the floor look constantly uneven

The buffing machine may also be suited to light sanding duties

Bona Buffer Small floor sander

How A Customer Used A Bona Buffer Small to Repair Flaws In Their Holiday Home Floor

Our customer, who enjoys wood products, has primarily chosen this material for his holiday home. Because the customer’s friends planned to stay in this house during their next holiday, our customer wanted to make some changes, particularly to the floor, which they oiled to match the surrounding decor. It did not, however, go as planned, as jelly-like pockets appeared on some parts of the ground, causing the ground to become uneven.

The customer contacted us to assist them in resolving this issue, and we offered to rent the bona buffer small, which is the ideal machine for this type of situation. They used this machine to polish and smooth their floor, as well as to re-oil and tint it. The small bona buffer floor sander made the floor restoration almost instantaneous, and the floor became flawless.

The floors complemented the overall design, which is made of wood. The customer’s choice of wood for the entire house is since wood increases the light and temperature of a house in a completely natural way. It creates a zen-like atmosphere. And, because it is a traditional home, the wooden decoration helps to support the family and the warm side.

bona buffer small