Bona Buffer Large

BufferlargeBona Buffer Large

Light or Heavy depending on machine choice

Available in single or twin speed versions. The single-speed machine is suitable for heavier floor sanding as well as cleaning etc.

The twin speed machine (Bona Buffer Duo) is more suitable for light sanding as well as for use with the Bona Scrad System for abrading between lacquer coats or keying an existing surface.

Bona buffer large kitchen redesign

How A Customer Used A Bona Buffer In A Striking Kitchen Redesign

The Bona Buffer Large was used to finish the wood floor that brings earthy style into a stunning modern kitchen. Available in single or twin speed versions, our customer used the single-speed machine for heavier sanding. With a family of ten and lots of visitors, our customer knows this gorgeous kitchen will be a very high traffic area.

The sanded wood floor sets the stage for a social yet highly stylish kitchen. The marble island that stands proudly atop the recently finished floor was sourced in Spain. Its luxurious elegance hints to visitors of delicious cuisine and vivacious evenings with family and friends.

The barstools fit wonderfully into the setting with their curves and wooden seats. The backsplash, double oven and stainless steel utensils suggest a top chef may be lurking in this kitchen.

The family can rest assured that the quality floor sanding with the large Bona Buffer will be a joy to their visitors and stand the test of time.

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