7″ Edge Floor Sander


7" Edge Floor Sander7″ Edge Floor Sander

Edge sander

Recommended use: All Floors And Stairs


The HTF is a powerful, finely balanced, industrial orbital floor sander for the sanding and refinishing of all types of wood flooring, including parquet and any solid wood surface that requires repaid sanding and levelling. n conjunction with orbital sander, detail sander and scraper it is ideal for confined areas such as closets, stair treads and sanding right up to the edge of a floor.

If you have radiators you need to get under in most cases choose the Bona 7 Inch Edge Sander

The sanding method using 7″ Edge Floor Sander

Sand the edges of the room using the Edging Sander fitted with a sanding disc. To operate the Edge Sander, place the lead over your shoulder and tilt the sander on its castors, so that the disc is clear of the floor before you switch the machine on. Prepare yourself to control the sander, switch it on and lower it to make contact with the floor. On contact, move the sander in a sweeping motion and keep it moving the whole time it’s in contact with the floor.

7″ Edge Floor Sander

How A Customer Used 7″ Edge Floor Sander To Have A Shiny Floor In Their Kitchen

Our customer chose Belt Sander, 7 ′′ Edge Floor Sander detail sander and scraper for their kitchen for several reasons, including the parquet, which they want to be as good as new, and also because they have a staircase near their kitchen that is also hardwood, and this machine is ideal for confined areas such as closets, stair treads, and sanding right up to the edge of a floor.

When it comes to installing a staircase in your home, the hardwood staircase is the most popular. It is, indeed, warm and complements most homes, whether modern or contemporary.

Thanks to the use of the 7 ′′ Edge Floor Sander, our customer’s floor was like new, as was the staircase, which was polished to the nooks and crannies. The floors, combined with the white walls, gave the kitchen an elegant, stylish, fashionable, and clean appearance.

7″ Edge Floor Sander