7″ Bona Edger


bona_edge7″ Bona Edger
Edge sander
Recommended use: All Floors

This is a lightweight, flexible and easy to control. It is an extremely powerful edger and has excellent dust removal. It can be used with holed discs or Velcro-backed discs and has an L-shape design to enable sanding underneath radiators. It has an onboard light for better visibility, especially in corners and places with no or poor lighting.

The sanding method

Sand the edges of the room using the Edging Sander fitted with a sanding disc. To operate the Edge Sander, place the lead over your shoulder and tilt the sander on its castors, so that the disc is clear of the floor before you switch the machine on. Prepare yourself to control the sander, switch it on and lower it to make contact with the floor. On contact, move the sander in a sweeping motion and keep it moving the whole time it’s in contact with the floor.