The Combination Sander


hire-combination-sanderThe Combination Sander
Corner Sander & Staircase Sanders
Recommended use: All Floors

This Excellent combination tool is one that we are most proud of, if you’ve ever had a staircase sanded you’ll know that the word dusty is an understatement….Not no more.


Perfect sanding results, less vibration, quiet operation and totally dust free are just a few features of the Combination Sander. The large 7″ contact surface on the sanding pad ensures that the pad lies completely flat on the sanding surface as a result.
Optimum dust extraction ensures a clean working environment.
Non-tiring working thanks to the ergonomic design.
You will have the speed and ease of replacing sanding pads due to the discs being attached by Velcro, So using the right pad for every surface is only a click away…. result in significant time savings.

Notice the dust skirt around the bottom of this machine which stops the dust escaping. Another good feature is the way that the Extractor automatically switches on when you press the trigger on the combination sander.

The 7″combination sander takes the same size discs as the edge sander, but unlike the edging sander…this machine is used totally flat on the floor so that it produces perfectly flat surfaces.

Particularly good for use on stairs thanks to the high rate of material removal and the fast progress ensured by the machine. Removal of old lead paint from the edges of steps in seconds and can leave steps completely smooth ready for lacquering.