Orbital Sander


orbital-sanderOrbital Sander
Bosch Orbital Sander

The Orbital Sander is a powerful high performance rotary sanding machine. It also has random orbit motion to ensure the finest quality sanding.

And, the speed pre-selection enables you to have the right speed for the right task.

Despite it being a quiet and clean Sander it has a phenomenal rate for material removal and can bring the surface to the finest possible finish.

It has a Soft-Grip Handle and by nature of its design is also suitable for left-handers.

The Orbital Sander is fitted with a Sanding plate brake that prevents damage on work surface and has a Micro-filter System with a dust extraction unit.

The discs couldn’t be simpler to change as the orbital sander has Velcro-type fastening for ease and convenience.

The orbital sander has a wide range of applications from sanding to polishing, and is suitable on a number of surfaces from wood, metal and plastic, etc

It can, also, be used to remove paint, varnish or lacquer, and can even be used on uneven or curved surfaces.