Continuous Belt Sander (as recomended by us)

sanderpic (1)

This is a picture of our Belt sander, please note the oversized dust bag and oversized vacuum motor on top of the sander. It also has a clutch type lever which makes this sander easier to use with out gouging big holes in your floors. What ever floor you sand it will sand properly and quickly normally with one pass

Drum Sander (used by other companies)

drumsander (1)These are like the drum sanders you will get from your local hire shops and most tool hire shops in England. Very Small capacity dust bag, you Need to physically tilt the sander backwards and forward for it to sand and by doing this you will be introducing gouge marks over your floor.

All drum sanders use paper notched sheets like this. Not only will you waste time lining the sheets up on the drum, screwing the sheets to the machine can also be tricky. If the sheet is slightly lose the sheet of paper will shred itself in seconds.

Chatter Marks

Our Continues Belt Sanders do NOT cause chatter marks

Chatter Marks’ is a well-known term in the floor sanding industry all over the world. It describes a closely spaced repeating drum or ‘ripple’ mark which is visible in the floor following the sanding procedure. Almost impossible to feel with the hand, chatter marks show up more obviously when the finish (Lacquer) is applied to the floor and can ruin what could otherwise have been a great job.

Many floor sanding contractors literally spend hours sanding these chatter marks out of the floor with a rotary sander and while they might succeed at removing most of the ‘chatter’, they create another problem; circular marks in the floor which can look even more unsightly than the original imperfection that they were trying to correct. In any case, using a rotary sander to remove chatter marks is one of the biggest time-wasters in the floor sanding industry today. Understanding the causes of chatter marks and what type of sanding machine produces these (i.e.. drum sanders) will enable you to improve the quality of your work, save valuable time and money.