Bona Power Scrubber


Bona Power Scrubber Bona Power Scrubber

The Bona Power Scrubber is a compact, powerful scrubbing machine for cleaning wood floors finished with lacquer or oil.

As a system used in conjunction with Bona Deep Clean Solution, it removes the toughest dirt and grime from wooden floors with ease. The two counter-rotating cylindric brushes clean deeply, even on rough, brushed parquet and wooden floors with bevelled edges. The rubber squeegees ensure an extremely effective water pickup which makes it safe to use on wooden floors. Also suitable and recommended for cleaning greyed outdoor deckings and other outdoor hard surfaces such as tiling and paving around swimming pools etc.



  • Powerful and easy to manouvre
  • Extremely effective water pickup
  • Easy to fill, clean and transport
  • Indoor and outdoor use
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How A Customer Used A Bona Power Scrubber To Clean Their Office Floor

Our client chose to rent the Bona Power Scrubber, a powerful and compact scrubber for cleaning lacquered wood floors in their office. Because the office is a busy place with many people coming and going every day, five days a week, the floor gets filthy quickly. Even though the customer used lacquer to beautify the floor, it could deteriorate quickly if not maintained. This is why our customers prefer this machine because it effortlessly removes even the most stubborn dirt and grime from wooden floors.

Because their floor is finished with lacquer oil, the Bona Power Scrubber is the ideal floor sander for cleaning it. The floor was very clean and shiny after only a few passes of the sander as if it had received a new coat of lacquer when it had not. Customer satisfaction was high, and they scheduled this sander for their office’s next floor maintenance.

To achieve a glossy finish on their floor, our customer chose to use lacquer oil. The coating provides a clear finish to the wood while preserving its natural appearance. Lacquer oil also has the added benefit of protecting or colouring the material. The use of lacquer provides you with a durable coating. As a result, you can clean the support more easily and without risking damage to it.

Bona Power Scrubber