Bona Flexisand


Bona FlexisandBona Flexisand

A powerful and flexible machine that can be equipped with different drive plates for a wide variety of floor preparation jobs including sanding, buffing, oiling and polishing.

The robust single speed machine features an interchangeable disc system and ergonomic design. A fold down handle and big wheels make for easy transport and storage. Supplied complete with standard drive plate and dust skirt, working light with two LED lamps and power drive plate plus gear ring.

• Powerful single-speed motor
• Foldable handle reduces space during transportation
• Large wheels for easy transportation
• Bona Power Drive ready

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How A Customer Used A Bona Flexisand To Improve The Bathroom Floor

Bona Flexisand was chosen by our customer to maintain the hardwood floor in their bathroom. The floor deteriorates quickly when it comes into contact with water on a regular basis, necessitating regular maintenance. This sander is responsible for sanding, polishing, oiling, and polishing the floor which is ideal for floor maintenance.

The customer chose a hardwood floor because they felt it would be a great addition to their bathroom. The addition of a touch of authenticity makes it more welcoming, regardless of the design. Whether it’s a Zen or a modern atmosphere, a Scandinavian or an exotic design, wood in the bathroom has the unique property of being easily adaptable.

The floor was restored to its original colour after the Bona Flexisand, perfectly matching the bathroom decor. The floor is stunning especially when sunlight comes in through the window, adding to the beauty of the white bathroom walls.

Bona Flexisand